How to Move Your Facebook Fans from Your Friend Profile to Your Fan Page

Do you have tons of Facebook fans – on your friends page – who are not following your fan page?

If so, you’ll really benefit from this sweet and simple worksheet from our friend, Leah McHenry.

Check it out here. We’re telling you about it because we found it extremely helpful, and we see Leah changing the lives of regular musicians every day. BTW, it’s free.

This may change the way you think about your music and building your fan base, and could possibly be exactly what you need to launch your music forward.

Why move your Facebook fans?

As a musician, part of your responsibility is to create a venue where your fans can find you and follow you. If you’re using your personal profile to build your fan base, you’re limiting your audience.

Facebook Fans

How to move your Facebook fans?

Use Leah’s simple worksheet to help you build your professional fan page that attracts fans. She then shows how to move your existing following to your new fan page without losing everyone.

Grab your worksheet now:

There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to take the next step with your Facebook business fan page. With over 2 billion members, Facebook is a gold mine of fans who will engage with your music.

Request your copy today!

Manage and build your social media following the RIGHT way, and the world will notice.

LEAH Music McHenry - Facebook fans

Leah McHenry understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because she is one. Having started her music career completely backwards, she found herself learning the NEW music business long after she already started a family and was unable to tour. That wasn’t going to stop her. Instead of being discouraged and believing that “no one will want to hear music from a stay-at-home-mom”, she let her obstacles become her fuel and determination and created a 6-figure music business, strictly by marketing her music online. Now you can do the same.

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