IndieMusic Nashville – Empowering Indie Artists to Build Their Dreams

You’re probably asking, “Who is IndieMusic Nashville?”

Good question. I’d be asking that too if I were you.

We’ve been watching you. Well, maybe not you specifically, but we’ve been watching our indie artist friends in general, and what we see is painful to watch. Very few indie musicians know how to treat their music as a business – as they need to do in order to make money with their talents – and build their dream of being a professional musician.

David is an indie musician right here in Nashville. He has a strong background managing a chain of retail stores, where he developed other marketing abilities that can help you or any other indie artist who needs a boost in business. Currently he manages social media for several clients, creates marketing plans, and repairs SEO problems on websites. He writes, not just songs, but short stories, blog posts, articles, bios, how-tos, and more, and is also in the midst of writing his first full-length novel.

He does all that in addition to writing deep, thoughtful lyrics and interesting melodies, which he performs around Nashville and elsewhere on a regular basis.

Gail has professional experience in graphic design, having digitally branded businesses, designed properly branded business cards, created memes for social media management clients, and built beautiful websites, including this one! And her first love is writing. Press releases, email marketing, bios, fiction, magazine articles, blog posts, and songwriting are all within her realm of experience. Her first full-length novel is currently looking for a literary agent.

For a while, we didn’t think of using our skills to help you, but finally the light bulb came on and we said, “We can fix his website!” “We can make her business cards!” “We can brand him digitally!” “We can write her bio!”

So now, we’re a boutique firm in Nashville, and each one of us has a strong desire to help other indie artists build their dreams. With strong, extensive experience in all of this…

  • Business Cards
  • Business Management
  • Digital Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Gig Posters
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Performing
  • Press Releases
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Songwriting
  • Website Building
  • Writing: Bios, Fiction, Technical, Magazine Articles, and more…

…you know we can help you. We’ve done all this for small businesses of all types, so of course we can do it for you.

We built IndieMusic Nashville just for you, to empower you to build your dreams.

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